Nolting Frustrations – We need more troubleshooting and advice

We love our new Nolting, but we are struggling.

It took me 5 hours last weekend to determine I don’t have the motor skill necessary yet to do precision work. Not surprising since I have only logged about 20 hours on the machine. Then it took another 2-3 hours to figure enough of the computer system to draw out a design I am not fond of and will not ultimately use. Then another 2 or more hours to figure out how to make the computer system work with the machine. By the time I figured out how to make the parts work together, I was so fed up that I stopped learning for the day. Trial and error is not my favorite learning method.

I’m not sure if it is because we jumped in too fast, if most people with machines have more knowledge and experience before they start or if it is just me.

So in my frustration, we went to the internet. It was the weekend, so we didn’t think to call any support programs. There was a local quilt show happening, so our dealer was hard to contact. The instruction manuals have been non-beneficial to us because we don’t know enough to make them useful yet. There are better ways for me to learn than technical manuals. The few YouTube videos and websites we found did not answer the exact problems we are having. It all added to my increasingly short patience.

Here’s my solution. I’m working on convincing my sister that we need to create a few YouTube videos about our experiences and how we have dealt with them. My hope is that a few videos will save the next person a lot of time. I figure we need to find a camera and get started.


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