We have a Nolting!


My sister and I are avid crafters. Crocheting, knitting, sewing, painting, refurbishing/repurposing items, and quilting. In fact, we have 24 quilting projects at various stages between both of us.

Nolting 24 CLX long arm quilting machine.

So our newest expansion is the purchase of a Nolting CLX. This is a long arm, computerized quilting machine. We purchased it from Quilted Memories.

It took about three weeks from when we ordered the machine to when we received it. The ladies from Quilted Memories came out and set it up. Turns out there was an incorrect piece in the box, but Quilted Memories dealt directly with the manufacturer to fix the error, get the right part, and came back out to finish the proper set up.

We ordered this machine for a few reasons. It was one of the only machines we looked at where the seller let us try the machines. It had features we were looking for. We knew we wanted a stitch regulator and the ability to computerize the machine. We wanted a frame and set up that would allow us to quilt all of the quilt tops and projects we had waiting and to adapt between my sister and I working on projects. My sister is 5’11” and I’m only 5’5″, so we wanted something that could be raised and lowered depending on who was working. At the time we were looking at machines we also planned for the possibility that we would be quilting for others and would want a system that let us take our projects on and off as needed. The setup we have allows for the features we wanted.

Now that it is purchased and set up, we are ready to practice with the new machine. Supposedly, the local dog shelters will take practice projects so we can practice and help our furry friends at the same time. We like the idea since both my sister and I have adopted shelter puppies. Then, we will get through our projects.

The pictures below are my husband helping to assemble the frame.

IMG_0124 IMG_0134


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